Black Leather Glove | Military Gloves

  1. High-quality black leather gloves
  2. Made of quality leather
  3. Soft inner fabric
  4. Adjustable strap
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Military Issue Black Leather Glove

Military Issue Black Leather Glove


  1. The High quality black leather gloves
  2. It is make of quality leather
  3. Soft inner fabric
  4. Adjustable strap
  5. A strap to keep the glove snug and secure
  6. Great feel and warmth in cold weather
  7. Ultimate weather protection


The material used to make the military patrol tactical combat gloves is strong; durable, and breathable. The palm of these tough gloves is made of smooth leather and has a soft inner fabric. They have a strong grip. These tough gloves were impressed by the military standards and are built to handle the most extreme conditions. It’s perfect for keeping your hands safe.

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